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Scarlet Letter Vocabulary

Veronica Ruebeck

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vivacious make or use gestures
venerable prison
inimical outward appearance
abhorrence commanding respect because of great age
mutability seeking request for truth
guise magical power
edifice full of excitement marked by uproar
pristine harmful
escutcheon evil behavior
alchemy very steep or overhanging place
tumultuous state of low spirits caused by lost hope
halberd to make amends
despondency an ax blade with a long handle
inquiries lively animated and spirited
requital person who suffers for their religion
contagion public disgrace
galliard vivid, effective, persuasive
expiating free from contamination
ignominy neighboring
martyr nearness in time
iniquity extreme suffering of any kind
eloquence return or reward for kindness
disquietude worried
propinquity feeling of disgust
martydom a spread of emotion
gesticulating to show a sense of lively attitude
deleterious shield like surface
precipice ability to mutate
contiguous having a harmful effect on something
introspection observation for examinatins ones own mental and emotional state

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