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Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle

Kaytee, Eric, Chandpreet

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Portia A man who has multiple reasons to hate Antonio.
usury a handsome, dashing young man who has fallen in ove with Jessica.
denominations He completed voyage around the world.
Mary He has no wife or lover. He is the most nobel and unselfish man in play.
voyage Shakespeare's monuments are in here.
Antonio It was a famous crop during voyags of colonization.
Bassonio Shakespeare's new house was called_____________.
ventures Shakespeare's company borrowed monry to build it.
East India Company Shakespeare's wife.
Sir Francis drake Shakespeare had _________ siblings.
John A long journey to a foreign or distant place, especially by sea.
England The lending of money with interest.
Henley Street Orginating in a foreign country.
The Few of Molta An important trading post for Portugeus merchants in India.
Anne Hathaway Shakespeare is born on this street.
exotic What was the name of Shakespeare's school?
Goa Love of a country and willingness to sacrifice for it.
King Edward VI Grammar School Shakespeare's mother's name was________.
Holy Trinity Church British company in India.
Lorenzo He was a doctor, who was accussed of attempting to kill Queen Elizabeth.
patriotism A large group of relgious people united under a common faith.
Venice It is an European city.
Roderigo Lopez In Shakespeare's days very few Jewish people lived in here.
Queen Elizabeth Business stuff at hazad in arisky enterprise.
Shylock A well liked woman who had to borrow very large sums for European bankers.
Globe Theatre A famous play by Christopher Marlowa.
thirty eight This girl is beautiful and extrmely rich. She marries to Bassonio.
seven Shakespeare wrote __________ plays.
tobacco Shakespeare's father's name was________.
New Place He is Antonio's friend who is poor, but marries to rich woman.

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