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A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams

Scene ONe

ElysianFields Blanche's Profession
Cemeteries Left Belle Reve as a teen
Laurel Blanche is an ___________, Southern woman
StanleyKowalski Stanley's buddy; his mom is sick
StellaKowalski Blanche is one of these types of lady
BelleReve What Stanley threw at Stella at the opening of Scene One
Mitch State Blance just came from
SouthernBelle Stanley likes to play this game with his buddies
Meat City Blance just came from
Desire What were Stanley and Stella doing when Blanche arrived
Louisiana The Kowalski's landlady
Teacher City the play is set in
Mississippi Lost Belle Reve
Whiskey Blanche's drink of choice
BlancheDuBois Blance and Stella's ancestoral home
Polish Music that rose up and faded out in Scene One
Aristocratic Stanley's ethnicity
Poker The name of the first streetcar Blanche took
BluePiano Mechanic; WWII veteran
Bowling Street the Kowalskis live on
Eunice The name of the second streetcar Blanche took

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