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Taming of the Shrew

Ms. Loiacono

No description

Padua Mild-mannered girl with too many suitors
DoubleEntendre Wrong use of a particular word
Married Play on words with a double, usually sexual, meaning
Petruchio Going too many days without food; part of Petruchio's "taming" plan
Starvation Father of Lucentio; believes his son had been murdered
Vincentio Kate
Pisa Petruchio's hometown
BaptistaMinola Setting of our play
Soliloquy A character "thinks out loud" alone on stage
Bianca Lucentio's loyal servant
Kate A reference to another event, person, work of art, or place
Verona Full name of the girls' father
Pun Hortensio disguises himself as this Music teacher
Licio The Shrew
Allusion A play on words
Cambio City where Lucentio resided before coming to study
Shrew Lucentio disguises himself as this Latin teacher
Malapropism What Bianca cannot become before Kate
Tranio Tamer of Kate

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