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Non-Fiction Terminology


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understatement make writing vivid and believable
connotation Reference to another literary, artistic, or musical work
inductive reasoning autobiographical writing that focuses on a specific part of someone's life
Allusion could be to explain, inform, entertain, persuade, or enlighten
narrative nonfiction brief story told to make a point or entertain
rhetorical question story of a person's life written by another person
bias claim, statement, ot declaration that the writer supports
Anecdote dictionary definition of a word
details specialized or technical vocabulary of a specific group
denotation factual and informative writing
assertion thinking that proceeds from the general to the specific
biography opening paragraph of a news story
irony story of a person's life written by the person
Analogy comparison of something unfamiliar with something better known
authors purpose kind of persuasive writing published in a periodical or online
lead humorous or sarcastic way of saying the opposite of what is meant
news story central idea or what the author wants you to remember most
personal essay literary device used to make fun of human weaknesses or vices
satire tells a true story
expository nonfiction emotional feelings surrounding a word
Memoir when writers say less than is complete or true
autobiography tell you about events that are occuring in the world
deductive reasoning a question asked for an effect - no answer is expected
editorial thinking that goes from the specific to the general
jargon informal and may deal with any subject
main idea mental leaning, prejudice, or inclination

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