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Ryan Light

Match the Descriptions and The word.

Falling A type of play that is serious.
Dialogue The part that builds to the climax.
Drama The lesson to be learned.
Antagonist Opposing Character.
Tone The highest point, or the turning point of a story.
Climax Hints or clues that build suspense .
Fiction The part that leads to the resolution.
Flashback Helps the reader understand all the backgroung information.
Theme The story goes back in time to bring you up to a common point.
Atomosphere Time and place.
Setting The part of the story where the conflict is fixed.
Protagonist The authors attitude toward the reader.
Plot Main Character.
Resolution The feeling the reader is given by the piece.
Exposition Conversation carried by the characters of the piece.
Rising The order of events in which the story happens.
Foreshadowing Any piece that is made of imaginary characters or events.

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