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Literary Terms


A delightful romp through the literay terms possibly present on the New York State English Regents Competency Exam.

Characterization The person telling the story
Fiction Character vs. outside world
Allegory Author's feelings toward a subject
Limited not what is expected
Tone Person against the main character
Analogy 5-7-5
Tragic hero Main character
Novel Not true
Theme The type of literature
Paradox The audience knows but the character doesn't
Static A book about the author
Hyperbole Sequentally using the same starting sound
DramaticIrony Uses "like" or "as"
Dialogue One person speaking
Allusion Appeals to any of the 5 senses
Narrator A breif true statement about life
Aphorism A point by point comparision
Setting How a character's personality is revealed
Nonfiction Exaggeration
Dynamic True
Narrative Narrator hears one person's thoughts
Simile Reference to something the reader should be familiar with
Imagery Has a meaning beyond the surface
Irony The way a certain group of people speak
Figurative Good character who dies due to a flaw
Symbol Person vs. Self
Antagonist Tells a story
External Language not meant to be literal
Alliteration Atmosphere
Foreshadowing Speaking
Genre A character who does not change
Mood Series of events
Plot Genre where everything stands for abstract qualities
Dialect Direct comparison b/w two things
Autobiography Long fiction
Flashback A hint of what's next
Internal A character who does change
Protagonist Narrator hears all thoughts
Foil Opposite characters
Haiku Main Idea
Omniscient Breaking up the timeline of the plot
Stanza Seems to contradict itself, but is true
Monologue Where and when
Metaphor A paragraph of poetry

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