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The Good Earth

John Yue

This crossword puzzle is about the story The Good Earth. It is a book written by Pearl S. Buck.

SouthUniversity Occupation of Wang Lung
retarded Buck also established this international inter-racial adoption agency
field A luxury for farmers and peasants
relatives Buck's daughter was affected by the disease PKU which made her ________
farmer OLan's only treasures
poison The place where Ching dies
pearls Pearl moved here when she was three
BuckFoundation Wang moves to this family's house at the end
female Buck established this foundation to help the children who are treated unfairly and not given a chance in China
footbinding Person who helps Wang Lung prosper
PearBlossom Buck won a Pulitzer Prize for this book
Zhenjiang This type of sex is considered unlucky in China
love Greedy and lazy relative who uses filial piety as an excuse to stay with Wang Lung
daughter Slave girl who is fought over by the most men
tea This is blamed for the poor amount of crops and droughts
coffin Many people start to live in poverty and times become so bad they have to ________ to survive
Uncle Wang Lung and OLan sacrifice their ___________ in order to keep the rest alive
Gods Wang Lung finally begins to _________ O-Lan when she is terribly sick
Literature What property of the Hwangs' help in the culmination of the Wangs?
WelcomeHouse In 1938, Buck won the Nobel Prize in __________
OLan Wang Lung wants to die in a _________
land Wang Lung asks Pear to feed his retarded daughter ________ when he has died
GoodEarth To show that a girl is not a laborer
steal It is considered a sin to not allow __________ into your home
Hwang Place where Wang Lung's son went to to learn and mature

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