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The Silmarillion

Jason Schofield

No description

Maglor Greatest of all Elven women
Grond Saved Maedhros
Sauron Fingolfin crossed it on his way to Middle-Earth
Finarfin Great Worm
Feanor Betrayed Gondolin's location
Voronwe The Kinslaying
Mandos Finrod _____________
Beor Hidden City of Turgon
Telperion Maker of the Silmarils
Galadriel The Old
Hurin Renounced his claim to the throne of the Noldor
Gothmog Slew Feanor
Manwe Said to still wander the shores singing of his sorrow
Ungoliant Father of Celebrimbor
Void Son of Fingon
Elmo Forged Gurthang
Helcaraxe One in the Sky, one in the Earth, one in the Sea
Thorondor Sulimo
Tulkas The original fortress of Morgoth
Vinyamar The first Elf to become mortal
Silmaril Hound of Valinor
Maedhros Thingol's heir
Durin Cousin of Tuor
Formenos Gandalf
Utumno Father of Beren
Glaurung Hammer of the Underworld
Morwen Sword of Fingolfin
Doriath Lord of Dorthonion
Beren Corrupted Maia
Celeborn Slew the Lord of Balrogs
Elros The Girdle of ________________
Olorin The Red Maw
Ringil Youngest son of Finwe
Alqualonde Lord of the Falas
Melian Turgon's daughter
Curufin Where Morgoth killed Finwe
Dior Mother of Turin
Turin The Strongbow
Ulmo Earendil's mortal son
Finwe Not Belegost
Maeglin Founded Khazad-dum
Gondolin Realm of Thingol
Idril Where Morgoth dwells
Fingolfin Where the ships were burned
Vanyar Rumored to have devoured herself
Eol Turgon's first stronghold
Uldor White Tree
Nogrod City of Felagund
Luthien Cut a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
Nargothrond Elves of Ingwe
Carcharoth Tuor's guide to Gondolin
Losgar Faced Morgoth in single combat
Felagund The Accursed
Ecthelion Father of Feanor
Huan Last Vala to enter Arda
Cirdan Elf of Doriath that married Noldor royalty
Ereinion Came to Turgon and Finrod in a dream
Beleg Lesser known brother of Elwe
Fingon Lord of Eagles
Barahir Where Elves wait

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