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vocabulary review

N. Whitney

No description

embellesh story of a person's life that they wrote themself
tolerance misfortune, wretched or troubled state
adversity to take and idea or work and pass it off as your own
plagiarize to feel or experience empathy (ability to share another's emotions, thoughts or feelings)
distress active force or strength
descendant to make an account or description more interesting by inventing or exaggerating details
reflection a person, animal, or plant related to one that lived in the past
autobiography the condition of being in need of immediate help
apathy topic or subject
revise a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view
empathize read carefully and correct
vigor lack of interest
predominate feeling or showing no willingness or enthusiasm to do something
reluctant being tolerant of others views, beliefs, practices
suspensful the growing excitement felt while awaiting a climax in a story
theme most frequent
perspective careful thought, especially the process of reconsidering previous actions, events, or decisions

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