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Fuel Systems


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emissions narrows air intake, speeds up air flow and reduces air pressure
multipoint name given to electronic devices such as switches and sensors
manifold strange noise made by engine when fuel system pre-ignites
carbon process that makes the fuel droplets as small as possible
strangler an area of low air pressure
rich copper coil that produces and electromagnetic field when turned on
pinking intake ______ and exhaust _______ (pipes)
venturi when the ratio has too much fuel
depression name given to electronic devices such as motors, lights and solenoids
atomization type of fuel injection where each cylinder has its own injector
ECU used to drive old style mechanical fuel pumps
carburettor tiny particles of this substance are called soot
solenoid modern device fitted to squirt fuel into cylinders
outputs ridge inside the fuel tank that stops the fuel from surging about
throttle the heated fuel in liquid form becomes a gas
vapourization detonation __________. Caused by ignition malfunction.
knock initials of the computer chip that controls fuel injection
monoxide deadly gas produced in exhaust, carbon ____________
camshaft collective name given to the gasses from the exhaust pipe
baffle another name for the choke valve
injector part of the carburettor that controls air/fuel intake
Input older type of device first used to mix fuel and air together

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