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Motorcycle gearbox and clutchs


Parts used in the construction of motorcycle clutches and gearboxs

sturmeyarcher sets the shift patern in a gearbox
first you get a red ribbon
pin large sprocket with linings in a pre unit
second number one
lining not the barking kind
bonded Allows shaft to turn
selectorfork gearbox manufacture in early british bikes
insert locking method as we shift up or down
teeth opposite to up
dogs locks collors on a shaft
hardcasing Secondary shaft with more gears
Thrustwasher Used to carry beer
forth missing a few you get a jerky ride
sleevegear fibre that may fall out when clutch is dismantled
bearing Sliding gear but has no cuffs
case Keeps side load on a bearing
bush every cloud has a silver
housing home for a bearing
clip modern method of ahereing
circlip In both gearbox and sowing kit
chainwheel gear construction method often noisy
ratchet Slips in agrove on a shaft
shim takes up some slake
layshaft Used to pick the next speed
down holds in place
mainshaft not second or forth
camplate Often reamed to fit
straightcut often warn off on old gears
grubscrew with peter and mary but spelt differently
third top gear in many an old bike
pawl Transmits motion from input to drive

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