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Motorcycle Clutch and Gearbox 2


No description

RATCHET Locking method as we shift up or down
PART Locks in a groove on a shaft
BEARING Necessary for a wedding
END School boys have them too
PIN Part of a bearing
GEAR Very handy bench tool when assembling a gearbox
CIRCLIP Could be used to describe the struggle assembling a box
SELECTORFORK Not the barking kind
RACE Usually there is a start and an _ _ _
HARD No good if we have one of these left after a rebuild
STOP Shaft that transmits motion from input to drive
CAP Often beside a nut
MAIN So much heat may even cause a clutch to _ _ _ _
GRUBSCREW Small piece may fall out when clutch is dismantled
BURN Everything hides behind
SLEEVE You get a red ribbon
INSERT This type of file may be needed
WASHER Allows shaft to turn
COVER Used to move gear to mesh with another
SECOND Gearbox make fitted to some early British Bikes
VIE Forth in a four speed
DOG Often this casing warn off old gears
TOP Locks collars on a shaft
RAT Sliding gear that has no cuffs
STURMEYARCHER In both gearbox and sowing kit
VICE Positive _ _ _ _ change method invented by Velocette
RING Circular with many teeth

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