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The Bee's Knees

Claire Dufort

No description

Laila Italian Shell Jewel
ala The end or part of a fish
Glass Fall pollen producer
Piano A beginning word
Egg Saturated esp. refering to plant cells
Cork Worms make this
Graceful This puzzle's title?
June Sheets or a shirt
Seven Fido's Game
tapas demeanor
Honey Want and a tree
Lace With keys and peddles
Fin "What has no hinges key or lid, but golden treasures inside are hid." Riddle answer
Elm Tree or a street
Cameo Knee
imbibe Disquiet
Paris Lincoln said "Every one likes a _ "
Highwayman Where pollen is found
Fetch Going from here to there
Anther Month and a woman
Hybrid Joe
Once A lake is sometimes said to be as smooth as this
Mien Home to Josephine Beauharnais' legendary garden of roses
Jade You skating?
Compliment Bee's home
The Bee eyes are this
Snow What Nemo's Seagulls said
Chai Pure Water has a pH of this
Turmoil The dictionary is filled with these
Flannel Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's famous orchestral interlude
Traveling Bee's method of communication
Honeycomb Figure of Noyes poetry
Bacari Most used word
Words East Indian beverage
Poppies drink
Pine A colour or a plant
coffee The flowers McCrae wrote of
corbiculae To throw, or a card game
Aster small plates
Mine Family name
Flightofthebumblebee Combustion
Compound La Ville-lumière
Silk A joining of sorts
Turgid Type of frozen water
apoidea Stopper
Malmaison Hexagonal filler
Cell Proximal
Tibia with Carte
Dance Odin would have enjoyed this
Mead other small plates
Near It goes well with velvet
Pitch Muhammad's daughter
Fire Type of phone

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