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Colour Puzzle

Pinakee Roy Choudhuri

Decipher the clues which has a colour attached to names found in everyday life

goldeneye Poor girl is scared of wolves
whitehouse Tibetan monks belief in this colour
pinkfloyd Largest Island in the world
bobbybrown Found in a drawing room more than the sea
redhanded Crime caught
marooned Singer - with Whtiney's connection
snowwhite They are proud they need no education
greyhound Boney M made them famous
orange James Bond looks for him
redridinghood Jealous with this colour
goldfish Too much bureaucracy
blackberry Fairy tale character in winter
longjohnsilver A movie with Denzel Washington in a nuclear Submarine
redtape Alone! Save me!
nun Religious order loves black or white
browngirl River in the Orient
lama Takes your package quicker than an arrow
bluewhale Cricket is played in this park
greenpark Japanese passion may be creating difficulties for this breed
yellowriver British Pm in 1830's gave birth to a tea
crimsontide Netherlands love this peel
greenwithenvy Email in your pocket
bluedart American Head lives in this
greenland Historical momument in India
earlgrey Clourful character from Treasure Island
redfort Dogs

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