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shpants If you are one after college, you have no brain
muppets You can sit on it, but if you take a sample people will cringe
theluckiest I don't even know her
virgin Catch a CAT
sharpie Barfee and Rogers are both these
headsup Goes great with popcorn
fired You will not find cut-off ear on your pizza
Qaimaqam Stick a fork in me
lost Not the principal
Texas No offense
Broadway The best cure for a fever
stool Suffering from echolalia?
JamesBond Corn-fed sports?
Colosseum A bear from the north who may find himself in the south
bus Ziegfeld (abb)
PaulaDeen Don't mess with it
darwin Digital metropolis
Zallering Find out what it means to me
circuitcity Sometimes they light up when you step on them
KarenCarpenter "Ya'll are better than _____"
democrat The best (and most inexpensive) puppets
butter Unmanned vaccuum cleaner
Vinnies "Ya'll are better than _____"
espn She creates quite a stir in the south
bipolar Gringlegoff's brother
sandgnats Psychic network?
viceprincipal You can write your name and it's never dull
Oscar Of many, one
quicksand Makes all food Southern food
dumbledore Nude man that's quite a prize
roomba Oscar, Rolf, Beaker, etc
done Like one, touched for the first time
respect The other fill in the block game
socks What happens when you mess up
tigerwoods An officer or lieutenant in the Ottoman empire
there ______, therefore because of (Latin)
Araby Her house had no kitchen (joke)
Oliver How to finish CD's
Branson A fish without an eye
twitterpated Be careful or it'll get poked out
wills You like her despite this fraction
sudoku You are stupidly dead if you receive this award
dinoflagellates Vann's 6th name, also a state capitol
posthoc He killed Inigo's father
Austin A crappy mascot, but certainly a bothersome Georgian pest
sixfingeredman Back wall of the Savannah Theatre, affectionately called "the ____ hallway"
wine Opposite of digital
poker If you were thirsty, I would go here to quench your thirst
hounddog Werewolf?
epluribusunum Calls himself "blasian"
nuts Too long to be shorts, too short to be pants
threeeighths "Look Out!" exclaimation at a sporting event
gay Strange word (you've used) to describe feelings of euphoric excitement
fsh Shaken, not stirred
cowbell Criminals were free to "rome" here
analog It's cryin' all the time
eye Not exactly water; ain't exactly earth
Jorge The best cat
nebraskahuskers Found (opp)
Flo I am, I am, I am

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