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A College Degree is in the Stars!

M.U. HATS Program

Can you figure out the names of the stars with a college degree?

BrookeShields "
AnneHathaway Before becoming one of the world's richest women, she completed her degree in speech and drama at Tennessee State University
JayLeno This former model who plays Hannah Montana's mom on TV graduated from Princeton with a degree in French Literature
JerryBruckheimer Before this "Desperate Housewife" joined Wisteria Lane, she obtained a degree in kinesiology from Texas A
OprahWinfrey This late night talk show host received his BA in speech therapy from Emerson College.
EvaLongoria This "Talladega Nights" star was "Kicking and Screaming" when he completed his degree in sports broadcasting from the University of California
WillFerrell This actress "Got Smart" and completed her degree as an English major at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study
SherylCrow Before singing "Real Gone" at the opening of the movie "Cars", this musician studied music education at the University of Missouri
Missing phrase1 - 10 This well known producer hit his "Pirates" "Treasure" with a degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona
DwayneJohnson This "Rock" got his "Game Plan" together with a degree in criminology from the University of Miami
StevenSpielberg Before sinking his "Jaws" into $110 million per year, this Director majored in Film and Electronic Arts at California State University

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