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Fiddler On The Roof

Daniela Carepa

No description

Nachum Who was Tzeitel going to marry first?
Tradition She wants to marry the milkmans eldest daughter.Who is she?
Five What is the name of the beggar?
Tzeitel Who is the matchmaker
Fyedka Who does the family go to live with in America?
Anateveka She was going to marry Lazar Wolf.Who is she?
JerryBock Lazar Wolfs deceased wife.What is her name?
Yente How many daughters does tevye have?
Hodel Who is Tevyes wife?
Motel What,according to Tevye ,kept the balance of anatevka?
Tevye This woman elopes with a young ukrainian.Who is she?
Avram She falls in love with a student from kiev.Who is she?
Tolife The Writter of fiddler on the roof
LittleBird The Composer of fiddler on the roof.
Frumasarah He gives lessons on food?
Golde What is the name of the village tevye lives in?
JosephStein Who did chava marry?
Chava The main charecter of the movie.
LazarWolf Tevye calls chava this?
Jerusalem What does the word L'chaim mean?
Perchick Where does Yente decide to go at the end of the movie?

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