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A Hard Day's Night

Tom O'Conell

A comprehensive study of the script and movie A HARD DAY'S NIGHT

Grotty The Police Sergeant refers to Grandfather as Charley-
Fell In the script, a gambling club Ringo is invited to.
Sweetbreads Grandfather's first name
Collins Norm was played by Norman-
Millie Cut scene from the beginning. Grandfather collects money from fans in his-
September The music for the film was produced by George-
Better Paul says that his Grandfather's former fiance was dead kinky for-
Cap Norm thinks John went down the bathtub-
Lester Ginger, Eddy Fallon, and Ding-
Daisy Paul's grandfather is nursing a broken one
John The film's director had earlier worked with Peter--
Parading The woman who recognizes John, and then says he doesn't look like him.
Campey At the club, Grandfather says to the blond, "I'll bet you're a great--"
Heart the screenplay was written by Alun-
Rossington The man who is another passenger in the train compartment
Engaged George's 12 string electric guitar
Swimmer According to Ebert, the film was released in this month of 1964
Shenson John calls Norm this name several times
Owen "I'm Happy Just To Dance with--"
Frank The nervous TV director is played by Victor-
Barney "I Should Have Known-"
Shake Movie producer, Walter-
Dong The posh bird who gets everything wrong, Susan--
Rickenbacker The taller road manager
Ringo Slang for "fight" John says, "If you're going to have a--"
Martin "Can't Buy Me--"
Spinetti George uses this word to describe the shirts Simon shows him
drain Grandfather says, "Congratulate me, boys. I'm--"
Swine When Ringo abandons the show, he goes--
Peace In a scene cut from the movie, the boys are driven by a driver named-
Boyd's Grandfather is played by Wilfrid-
You This Beatle accidentally came up with the movie's title
Johnson "If I--"
liberation Ebert says this is the film's most powerfully evoked quality
Audrey Singer who as a child was in the audience of the film's final performance, Phil-
Brambell Grandfather: "When was the last time you gave a girl a pink-edged-"
Love Charming elderly lady. Grandfather tells her he is the manager.
Sellers The film was directed by Richard-

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