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Horror Movie Titles


The actors name and year of movie release are given. Figure out the title. There are no abreviations and if "The" is part of the movie title it is included. Numbers are spelled out.

Frankenstein Jack Nicholson 1980
Leprechaun Craig T. Nelson - Heather O'Rourke 1982
Houseonhauntedhill Anthony Hopkins - Gary Oldman 1992
Alien Michael Keaton 2005
Halloween Bridget Fonda - Bill Pullman 1999
Carrie Gunnar Hansen 1974
Poltergeist Kiefer Sutherland - Corey Feldman 1987
Thething Cortney Cox 1996
Dracula Kathy Bates - James Caan 1990
Texaschainsawmassacre Roy Scheider 1975
Fridaythethirteenth Jessica Tandy 1963
Thefrighteners Kevin Bacon - Kathryn Erbe 1999
Theexorcist Jennifer Aniston 1993
Nightmareonelmstreet Sigourney Weaver 1979
Thirteenghosts Boris Karloff 1931
Lakeplacid Geoffrey Rush - Peter Gallagher 1999
Jaws Michael J. Fox 1996
Rockyhorrorpictureshow Ari Lehman 1980
Thehaunting Linda Blair 1973
Scream James Brolin - Margot Kidder 1979
Lostboys Bruce Willis - Haley Joel Osment1999
Snakesonaplane Robert Englund 1984
Inverviewwiththevampire Nicole Kidman 2001
Theorder Kate Hudson - John Hurt 2005
Theothers Sissy Spacek 1976
Theamityvillehorror Anthony Perkins 1960
Thering Tom Cruise - Brad Pitt 1994
Misery Catherine Zeta Jones - Liam Neeson 1999
Theshining Kurt Russell - Wilford Brimley1982
Theblairwitchproject Jamie Lee Curtis 1978
Whitenoise Kristy Swanson - Luke Perry 1992
Buffythevampireslayer Meat Loaf 1975
Rosemarysbaby Matthew Lillard - Shannon Elizabeth 2001
Psycho Samuel L. Jackson 2006
Stirofechoes Rick Moranis - Steve Martin 1986
Littleshopofhorrors Catherine Deneuve 1968
Theskeletonkey Heather Donahue 1999
Thesixthsense Heath Ledger 2003
Thebirds Naomi Watts 2002

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