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Dalton Markrush

A test of one's knowledge on the subject of great (old and new) movies, directors, and actors. Directed more towards those who like violent movies and such. (MOVIES RATED R with the following genres: drama, thriller, and independent and some horror) Also if you can get this puzzle correct in a matter of minutes I think you are really cool...

alex Harvey Keitel played ____ in Reservoir Dogs.
robertdeniro ____ played the bride in Kill Bill.
meanstreets ____ played "the boss" in Reservoir Dogs.
stanelykubrick Martin Scorsese directed ______ a film about four Itialin men in New York
jacknicholson Raging Bull was based on a real life boxer named _____.
gangster "To me being a ____ was better than being President of the United States" -Goodfellas
jakelamotta ____ plays the murderer/rapist in the new version of Cape Fear
goodfellas ____ was a movie directed by Stanely Kubrick based on a novel by Stephen King
lawrencetierny _____ plays the main character in the original Cape Fear
michaelmadison _____ directed One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
mrwhite ____ played the godfather.
quentintarantino _____ directed the Elephant Man and Blue Velvet.
onthestreets _____ palyed Mr. Blonde in Reservoir dogs.
fullmetaljacket "come over here with ____ and a blwtorch to go medievil on yo a**" -Pulp Fiction
briandepalma _____ played Randall P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
milosforman According to Charlie from MeanStreets "you make up for you sins at home and ___"
scarface _________ directed the movie Pulp Fiction.
gregorypeck ______ was a Kubrick film on the Vietnam war.
umathurman _____ directed the Untouchables.
marlinbrando Malcom McDowell played ___ in the film A Clockwork Orange
davidlynch _____ was an ultra-violent gangster film directed by Brian De Palma
theshining ____ was a gangster film starring Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and De Niro
plyers ______ directed the black and white 60's film called Lolita.

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