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Pirates of the Caribbean Crossword


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Cuba The first name of a pirate who has a compitition with jack about the owner of the Pearl
BlackPearl A very clever pirate,
CaptainJackSparrow A pirate who has no tonge
Rum people who live on an island and think Jack is a goddes
Cotton a drink which pirates always have
EITC A company
Calypso The famous ship that Jack Sparrow says its his
Isla De La Pelagostos The last name of Hector
Hector a blacksmith and also a pirate his father is Bootstrap
WillTurner A Godess trapped in human form
Pirate A saying which means raise the flags
TheFlyingDutchman an island which Tia Dalma lives
HoistTheColours a person who lives most of his life at sea and takes over ships
JackTheMonkey the little pet of barbossa
Barbossa A ship that Davy Jones owns

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