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The Princess Bride

Literacy Enrichment

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Miracle Max The Princess Bride is this type of story
Fezzik Rodents of Unusual size can be found here.
Count Rugen Inigo and the Man in Black dueled here
Fairy tale KIdnapped by Vizzini, Inigo, and Fezzik
Pit of Despair Also known as the Man in Black
Florin Also known as the six-fingered man
Vizzini This man seeks revenge against his father's murderer
Buttercup Westley was tortured and killed at this location
Inigo The country that the story takes place in
Fire Swamp He tried to force Buttercup to marry him
Humperdinck This man created a pill to bring Westley back to life
Cliffs of Insanity Died after ingesting iocane powder
Westley This giant was Inigo's sidekick

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