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Young Frankenstein

Heir Blucker

No description

Kemp Inspector
Taffeta Theme song for blind mind
violin Fran Blucker's boyfriend
kippers Little Girl's first name
wilder Blucher's smoke of choice
Avemaria Song sung by Dr. F and Monster
Delbruck Igor Actor
Victor Frau Blucher Actor
Frederick Blindman's first name
ovaltine Besides lips, hair, nails, what Dr. F's fiance doesn't want touched
Feldman Blindman actor
treacherous co-writer with Brooks
Hilltop Ah Sweet Mystery composer
espresso Blucher's instrument
Inga Frau blucher chocolate drink
Morris Dr F and assistants breakfast food
Boyle Dr. F's lab assistant
vermicelli Original Brain requested
schwanzstucker Original Frankenstein Writer
Shelley The Monster Actor
Elizabeth Dr. F's guinea pig in first scene Mr.
Brooks pasta type mentioned in Scene I
herbert Voice of the Werewolf
Leachman Monster's Significant
Hackman Dr. F's first name
candle Return this!
Harold Dr. F's fiance
falkstein staircase description
cigar Blind man's coffee of choice
puttinontheritz Composer
Helga solictor

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