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The Beatles

I Should Have Know Better

ruttles Paul's French love
fireman Lovely Rita's occupation
sullivan Paul's mother
epstein John Lennon's middle name
tops Paul's sheepdog
McKenzie Desmond and Molly
banker Harrison possessive song title
mary Radio show "Beatles at the _ _ _ _ "
nancy Their first single
help Manager
thebeatles The last album released
octopusgarden The first album of all original songs
ringo Fab _ _ _ _
aharddaysnight Mop _ _ _ _
beeb Doctor
medicine _ _ _ _ Stadium
lovemedo Mr. Wilson, Mr. Heath
park Ringo's real name
winston Sgt. Pepper's fictional singer
fourthousand Author mentioned in "Paperback Writer"
abbeyroad The first married Beatle
julia Paul's "grandfather's" hygene condition
martin Mighty Python parody band
boac McCartney's post Beatle band
wings Bungalow Bill's prey
lear Producer
lucy Eleanor Rigby priest
plasticono Candlestick _ _ _ _
liverpool The airline mentioned in "Back In The U.S.S.R."
robert John's mother
imemine First Apple release (45)
billyshears Lennon's post Beatle band
poe American record label
richardstarkey The club where the Beatles were discovered
bowl Where John sleeps in "Norwegian Wood"
tickettoride The official name of the "White Album"
jones Pre-Ringo drummer
taxman Harrison's post Beatle band
tiger Poet and short story writer (goo goo a' joob)
james How many holes in Blackburn, Lancashire?
shea First song longer than three minutes
petebest The youngest Beatle
michelle Second job title mentioed in "Penny Lane"
metermaid Maxwell's major
emi She has kaleidoscope eyes
john Hollywood _ _ _ _
travelingwilburys Third job title mentioned in "Penny Lane"
yellowsubmarine British ________
heyjude "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" lead guitar
bath Rocky's girl: Magil, Lil, _________
invasion The oldest Beatle
four Paul's first name
martha The last album recorded
barber British record label
clean Beatle's hometown
capitol First American TV appearance
clapton Animated movie
cavern What movie was originally going to be called "Eight Arms To Hold You"?
letitbe First job title mentioned in "Penny Lane"
george Under the sea

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