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The Beatles

John Sandberg

A crossword puzzle based on the beatles

George A type of singing where one person sings at once.
musicians John Lennon got ____ by a crazed fan
suit They played great _____
bass They would ____ on their instruments very well
fans The name of the band is _______
John The instrument John Lennon played as well as singing
sing Sometimes they wrote their own ______
love They played on a number of ___________
four They have a lot of _____ from a successfull career
stars They would play for people at big ________
shot They were very talented _________
bugs The genre of music they played
concerts The name of a song that has racoon in it
peace They were a great ____
beatles Their music would be called _______ by now
Paul What they would wear when they played sometimes
oldies The instrument Ringo Starr played
drums They ____ great as well as they play their instruments
guitar The person with the last name Lennon
heart The last name of the person who played the drums
Ringo The person with the last name Starr
rock The name of a song with a girls name in it
jude They had a lot of _____ when it came to making songs
solo They had a lot of good _____
artists You had to buy ________ to get into the their show
instruments They had a lot of ____
rocky The instrument Paul McCartney played
music The person with the last name McCartney
band People would call them the ____
money The last name of the the person who played bass
McCartney The number of people in the band
Starr Some people would call them a ______
play They were very creative _______
songs They were very big _____
old The person with the last name Harrison
hippie They are very ___ now
lyrics _____, love, and harmony
tickets They had a lot of ____ for their fans

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