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What the heck is a hurdy gurdy, anyway?!

Katrina Schultz

Complete this puzzle to learn more about musical instruments popular in 16th century England.

shawm A hand held snare drum created using a wooden shell, skins stretched over the heads, a leather strap and an adjustable snare. It is played by striking the heads with a stick.
crumhorn When you press one of the keys on the keyboard, it plucks a string producing a sound. It is mostly used in music from the Baroque period, and saw falling popularity after the invention of the piano.
hurdy gurdy It is a stringed instrument, much like a violin. Instead of a bow, however, it has a rosined wheel that the strings pass over. To play it, you crank the wheel and use a keyboard to change the pitch.
harpsichord This consists of a bent pipe that has a double reed mounted inside a windcap at one end. There are finger holes along the pipe that are used to change the pitch.
dulcimer These are most commonly associated with Scotland, but historically have been found throughout Europe. They consist of a bag that contains a supply of air that is fed through enclosed reeds.
tabor The strings on this instrument are stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board and is commonly sent on a stand to be played. The musician then strikes the strings with small mallet hammers.
bagpipes This has a deep, round body, a neck, and is played by plucking a string. Medieval versions had 4-5 courses, or pairs of adjacent strings tuned in unison or an octave and played as a single string.
lute These are usually created from a single piece of wood and have a flared end. During the 16th century, they were created in a many sizes and could play parts ranging from soprano to great bass.

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