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It's Baroque, So Fix It!

Mel Smile

Crossword Puzzle based on Baroque Music period

Virtusos How many instrumentalists in a trio sonata
Dido and Aeneas The greatest of English composers
Federick Name of earliest opera that has been preserved
Ritornello Baroque opera marked the rise of -------------singers
Italy -----form based on alternation between tutti and solo sections
Vivaldi The opera Orfeo is about
Opera Name of the composer of "The Four Seasons"
Monteverdi Opera written for girls at a boarding school
Brandenburg Drama sung to orchestral accompaniment
librettist The text of an opera is written by a-------------------
tutti first name of father of Galileo who was a composer
Orfeo A polyphonic composition based on one main theme
Fugue One of two main keyboard instruments used in the Baroque period
Harpsichord First public opera house opened in
Purcell Dido and Aeneas was imspired by the epic poem --------
Vincenzo Opera was born in
libretto Name of only concerto to feature a harpsicord solo
Euridice In conerto grosso the largest group of players
Bach opera was a form of -------------------- entertainment
aristocratic Operas open with an orchestral composition called an
Coloratura The Little Fugue in G Minor written by
Venice The text is called the ----------------------
Aeneid ---------the Great, King of Prussia, flutist, composer and general
Four How many moods in a Baroque piece?
Orpheus Highest range of soprano
Overture Name of the first great opera
One Name of the composer of Orfeo

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