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SA Jazz Archive Crossword/2

James Smith

A cross word puzzle incorparating names of Australian jazz musicians and compositions.

wilkinson .. 'em Down - a blues
bentley Trombonist who toured with Graeme Bell
maurieledoeuff The birthplace of jazz
strut Prolific Adelaide composer and leader
alexframe One of Australia's greatest players
jazz convention Whose loving arms?
bamford One of Australia's great tuba players
bobwright Adelaide pianist, composer and academic
hopgood Great reedman - recently deceased
dallwitz Trumpeter who played in Adelaide in the early '50s
tasbrown What the emu did
johnnymalpas Trumpeter, politician and archivist
norwood Trombonist who left Adelaide for Melbourne
glynnwalton Adelaide trumpet and clarinet player
honeys Great old jazz tune from the twenties
jada Site of the first Adelaide Convention
bobbarnard Famed reedplayer and dance band leader
hounslow Georgia had two of these
brucegray Great Adelaide band of the 60s
billmunro An annual event
blackeagles Adelaide banjo player now retired
lazyade Veteran guitar and banjo player
tednettelbeck One of the great Australian clarinettists
campussix Trombonist and arranger who could have played with Kenton
put Lyrical Adelaide trumpeter - sadly missed
bo early Adelaide traditional band
neworleans Often played in Dave Dallwitz groups

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