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Jazz Terms

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woodshed a phrase beginning that comes before the beginning of the first bar.
up a transitional passage in which a soloist plays unaccompanied.
boogie a note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically downwards.
fusion a bass line that stays mainly on one note (or its octaves) under several changes of harmony
quote the interval of three whole steps, i.e. an augmented 4th or diminished 5th.
pedal the jazz term for
syncopation a rapid descending, or ascending, usually right-hand passage on the piano in the form of a continuous scale, or a scale with variations
outro one in which the chord tones are spread out over a greater range.
open voicing singing without instrumental accompaniment
drop a jocular term for coda; an added ending section
break a style developed in the late 60s by Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Chick Corea and others, partly as a reaction to the eclipse of jazz on the music scene by rock. Incorporated elements
riff in bass playing, to play mostly one note per beat, making a smooth, continuous quarter-note line.
thumb line a style of piano playing very popular in the thirties. Blues, with continuous repeated eighth note patterns in left hand and exciting but often stereotyped blues riffs and figures in the right hand
walk a fast tempo.
timbre a snatch of some other well-known tune thrown into a solo.
pickup tone quality, characteristic instrumental sound. Not especially a jazz term, but note that timbre is one of the basic dimensions of music along with rhythm, melody and harmony.
fall a definite series of chords, forming a passage with some harmonic unity or dramatic meaning.
jazz standard a note of definite pitch sliding downwards to another note of definite pitch.
run the process of displacing
progression to practice diligently
a cappella jazz term referring either to establishing a pitch, sliding down half a step and returning to the original pitch or sliding up half a step from the original note.
shake jazz term referring to a note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically upwards.
bend a jazz term describing a trill between one note and its minor third; or, with brass instruments, between a note and its next overblown harmonic.
doit a well-known tune by a jazz musician.
tritone a relatively simple, catchy repeated phrase. May be played b

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