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Medieval Music

Sir Kuhlken

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Vespers Plagal mode of the third authentic church mode
church Last name of the principal composer of the Italian Ars Nova
phrygian Liturgy of the hours prayed before the evening meal
duplum The fourth part of the ordinary of the Mass, "Holy, Holy, Holy"
mixolydian Secular musicians from the Southern part of France
Matins The Catholic church service
Trouveres The first part of the ordinary of the Mass, "Lord have mercy"; two words
ordinary Text written for the Mass which is the same week after week
vocal The second part of the ordinary of the Mass, "Glory to God in the highest"; Four words
hypodorian The early church music was written in symbols called _____________.
plagal Liturgy of the hours prayed at mid-afternoon, around 3 PM
vespers Liturgy of the hours prayed just after midnight
Troubadours Music where two or more melodic lines are played or sung
Prime Fourth authentic church mode
proper The number of church modes, authentic and plagal
lydian Succeeded Leonin in his post, revised and added to Leonin's works
Lauds The fifth part of the ordinary of the Mass, "Lamb of God"; Two words
melisma Type of music which developed as the vocal lines became freer
Terce A singing technique where a vowel is sustained over several notes
Credoinunumdeum Each of the four church modes occurs in two different versions, the authentic and the __________.
dorian Liturgy of the hours prayed at cock-crow
hypomixolydian Third authentic church mode
organum Liturgy of the hours prayed at sunrise
Gregorian From the French word for "to hold", the long sustained foundation note
polyphony Liturgy of the hours prayed at mid-morning, around 9 AM
Requiem Plagal mode of the Second authentic church mode
Machaut Liturgy of the hours prayed at noon
tenor Earliest polyphony, created by adding a second voice part to a chant
neumes The two most important institutions of the Middle ages were the fuedal system and this.
Sanctus Liturgy of the hours prayed before going to bed
eight Choirmaster of Notre Dame Cathedral
hymn The second voice added above the foundation note
Kyrieeleison Second authentic church mode
Mass Plagal mode of the fourth authentic church mode
None The third part of the ordinary of the Mass, "We believe in one God...:; Four words
Perotin The plagal mode of the first authentic
Landini The early church music was known as plainchant or ___________ chant.
hypolydian The mass for the dead is often known as the ____________ Mass
motet First authentic church mode
Gloriainexcelsisdeo Religious music in the Middle Ages was almost entirely ____________, or sung.
Sext Last name of the principal composer of the Ars Nova style
Leonin Secular musicians from the Northern part of France
Agnusdei Music written in strophic form and based on folk tunes, meant to be sung by a congregation
hypophrygian The most musically elaborate of the Liturgy of the Hours
Compline Text written for the Mass which changes depending on the particular feast day

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