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jazz sax players

ian willson

jazz sax players

bobberg "sugar"
joehenderson "sheets" of sound
eddieharris had a mohawk
charlieparker detroit
zootsims famous composer
wayneshorter baritone sax
ericdolphy varitone
sonnyrollins played with cedar walton
ornettecoleman married chan
johncoltrane bebopper
stangetz virtuoso
philwoods Found with neck broken
artpepper most influential jazz musician
michaelbrecker was one of the "4 brothers"
colemanhawkins "bird" handed him the "keys"
wardell gray long tall
johnnygriffin Appeared on Charlie Parker's Los Angeles sessions
luckythompson "page one"
stanleyturrentine "bean"
benwebster avant-garde
samrivers bossa nova
donbyas hard bopper from Chicago
pauldesmond played with andrew hill
sonnystitt played on "kinda blue"
jackiemclean LA west coast
cannonballadderley "mack"
hankmobley one of the three most important "swing tenors"
yuseflateef alto sax
haroldland long solos
gerrymulligan "king of the jukebox"
lesteryoung leader, recording 25 albums for Blue Note
louisjordan "take 5"
dextergordon cool tone

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