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Songs of the 50's

By: Connie Stanley

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Knife Shake, Rattle, and ______________
Honey Ain't it a ___________________ was sung by Fats Domino
Dawdy Elvis _____________________
Yak In 1995, the top song was Rock Around the __________________
Summertime Johnny __________ sung Pledging
Christmas Don't Be _______________ was sung by Elvis
Peggy Lawdy Miss ________________________
Angel Little Willie Wilson sung __________________
Game Chuck Berry sung Johnny B. ________________
Goode White ____________________ was sung by Bing Cosby
Ace Goodnight, Sweetheart,
Love The Coasters sung Yackety ____________
Shoes The __________________ Kept A Rollin'
Clock Sixty Minute Man was sung by the ________________
Goodnight Buddy Holly sung __________________ Sue
Dominoes Sh-Boom was sung by ___________________
Lucille Buddy Holly
Shame Shirley
Cruel Tutti- ____________ was sung by Little Richard
Day Money ___________ by the Drifters
Elvis __________________ was a music idol
Fever What Did I ______________ by Ray Charles
Nine The Great Pretender was sung by __________________
Lee _________________________ Blues was sung by Eddie Cochran
Presley You, You, _______________ was sung by the Ames Brothers
Platters Love Potion Number __________________
Chords Tommy Edwards sung It's all in the _____________
You The Penguins sung Earth _______________
Beethoven Roll over ______________ by Chuck Berry
Roll ___________________ was by Little Richard
Babe Carl Perkins sung Blue Suede __________________
Train Little Walter sung My ______________
Shout ________________ Letters in the Sand was sung by Pat Boone
Fruitti Mack the _____________ was by Bobby Darin
Say The song _________________ was number 5 in 1959

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