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Greek Gods

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Hades AKA Elder Gods
Hera Perpetually drunk
Poseidon Castor's brother
Ares Means 'the river that encircled the earth'; A titan
Iris Goddess of the Rainbow
Earth All-Mother
TheFates Often mistaken for a sun god; namesake for former US space program
Cupid Goddess of the Wedding Feast
Hebe Dethroned by Zues
Titans Wore winged-tipped shoes
Cronus Half man, half goat
Cerberus Enchanting voiced demons that lured sailors to their death
Olympus Songs are 'free from care'
Pan Goddess of Youth; Hercules' wife
Hymen The West Wind
Naiads Created the Gods
Sirens Water nymphs
Graiae Home to the Gods
Wine Ruler of the Seas
Artemis born of Zues's head
TheSeasons Apollo's twin; Goddess of the Hunt
Twelve Controlled mens life from birth to death
Athena Goddess of the Hearth; virgin god
Apollo Guarded the entrance to Olympus
Muses Sisters who shared one eye
Hermes Often depicted blindfolded
Ocean A Gorgon whose looks turned people to stone
Zephyr God of War
Universe Goddess of Love and Beauty
Pollux Dionysus. Goddess of this drink
Aphrodite three-headed gate guard of Hades
Centaur God of the underworld
Hestia Zues's sister and wife
Silenus Number of Olympians
Medusa Torso of a man, the rest a horse

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