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norse mythology

JJ Spichalsky

No description

oath the god of lightening
sigyn another name for hela
crafty loki's fathful wife.-helped when loki got caught
hermod the other name for the norse gods.
hel baldurs blind brother
baldur lost his hand to loki's son fenrir
ragnorok hall of the slain
tyr another of loki's names- had to do with mischief
hela loki's only daughter from angrboda
angrboda loki
valkyrie the day of the final world battle
shapeshifter the wife of odin
odin one of loki's sons- a mean shapeshifting wolf
helheim the only thing that could kill baldur
trickester the god of courage
sinister one of loki's sons who became a serpent
goddess of death what loki took to get into asgard
jormugand one of loki's names- had to do with a flame
frigga the king of the gods
mistletoe the home of the gods.
the god of courage another name for hermod
asgard one of many things that loki was.
blood brothers mistress of loki who had three offspring with him.
thor another name is goddess of death
sleipnir choosers of the slain
aesir what loki was
god of fire has many names and has many wives.
hod one of loki's powers-could change shapes.
the queen of death the underworld
god of mischief the only daughter of loki-hel
loki what loki was - loved to play trickes
fenrir killed by his blind twin brother
valhalla an eight legged horse

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