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Norse Mythology

Ms. Kuck

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Niflheim Day of doom
Friday Solemn, aloof god
Paltry Gloomy, depressing
Hela Odin went down to this place to beg for a drought from it to gain the knowledge of the Runes
Balder Signy
Nine God of Thunder
Ymir Married Sigurd
Futility Trivial, lacking in importance
Unsullied Wife of Odin
Frigga Killed by Odin
Odin A Valkyrie who disobeyed Odin and was punished
Elm Norse Underworld
Slain The land of fire
Nanna No god of Greece could be ______
Loki Balder's wife
Valkyries An original that serves as a model
Somber Not stained or tainted
Heroic Norse god of destruction and mischief; instigated Balder's death
Brynhild Killed herself after her family was killed
Gudrun Norse god who was blind
Tyr Killed his sister's family for revenge
Edda His brother killed Sigurd
Evil Home of Norse gods
Hoder Ruler of Niflheim
Thursday The space created for mankind
Prototype Name of the week named after Thor
Valhalla There are this many levels in the Norse world
Freya Norse gods are called this
Ragnarok Hall of Norsemen who died bravely
Sustenance According to Norse mythology, the first woman was created from this tree
Thor Choosers of the Slain
Gunnar Tuesday was named for him
Muspelheim Val means this in Norse
Aesir Loki's wife
Solemn Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty
Ash According to Norse mythology, the first man was created from this tree
Sinfiotli The Norse believed that _____ would eventually triumph
Midgard The name of the book of poetry from which Norse mythology is told (there is a younger and an elder one)
Yggdrasil Norse god killed by a piece of mistletoe
Sigmund Frivolous, having no useful result
Signy The giant ash tree that supported the universe
WellofWisdom The day of the week generally named for Freya
Sigyn The home of the gods was grave and ________
Asgard The supporting of life or health

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