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The Odyssey

Amy Gallagher

A fun way to review The Odyssey!

Epic Blind prophet in the Land of the Dead
Antinous Died of a broken heart
Circe Threw a lightning bold to destroy Odysseus's remaining men
Polyphemus Magical and seductive plant
Leto Greek King abandoned by his wife
Hermes Six-headed monster
Teiresias Artemis's mother
Lotus Odysseus's dog
Hera Nine daughters of Zeus Homer prays to in the opening of the epic
Athena Helped Odysseus slay the suitors
Scylla "singers of tales"
Telemachus Encouraged the men to eat Helios' cattle
Fire Created horses
Eurylochus "Seeing is believing."
Cereal Loyal swineherd
Rhapsodes Long narrative poem about a hero
Aelous Turned Odysseus's men into swine
Echo Ringleader of the suitors
Eumaeus The god of metalworking
Persephone Zeus's punishment for mankind
Hephaestus We get this word from Demeter
Argos Broke his promise to Hades and therefore lost his wife
Poseidon Hung in the sky by her husband
Helen Apollo's twin
Artemis Told Calypso to release Odysseus
Aphrodite Ate six pomegranate seeds in the Underworld
Menelaus Responsible for the Trojan War
Psyche Captured the stormy winds in a bag
Muses Gift Prometheus gave to man
Orpheus Married to the ugliest of the gods
Laertes Transformed Odysseus into a beggar
Zeus Poseidon's one-eyed monsterous son
Pandora Odysseus's father

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