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Mythology Review

D Wood

This puzzle will help you review for our Mythology unit test. Use your study guide to assist you in finding the answers.

Ares The myths we studied originated around this sea.
Created The authorship of a myth is usually...
Liver Supreme god. God of the sky and thunder.
Aphrodite Star pictures that are associated with myths.
Unknown Roman name for the messenger of the gods.
Olympus Myths are not supposed to be silly or...
Constellations Goddess of crafts.
Hades Wife of Zeus
Demeter Myths represented human's deepest wishes and...
Flower They adopted the Greek myths as their own.
Zeus God of the dead and the underworld.
Superstitious Stole fire from the gods.
Prometheus Prometheus had this pecked out daily by eagles.
Romans Goddess of love and beauty.
Athena Myths are always, in some sense...
Echo A myth is this type of story
Vulcan Narcissus turned into this.
Religious Another purpose of myths is to teach these kinds of lessons.
Mercury The gods lived on this mountain.
Apollo She talked all the time, so Hera made her only repeat what she heard.
Hera Goddess of agriculture
Traditional One of the purposes of myths is to explain how the world was...
Neptune God of wine.
Mediterranean God of prophecy and music.
Dionysus Myths gave insight into the nature of the...
Moral God of war.
Artemis Theseus killed this to preserve Greek honor.
Olympians Goddess of the hunt
Fears Roman name for the god of the sea.
World Roman name for the god of fire and blacksmiths.
Minotaur The 12 immortals.

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