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A to Z List of Nursing Careers

Barbara Fortanely

Find List of Nursing Careers, Which one will you choose?

Clinic Nurse Nursing in the Air Force
Flight Nurse nurse who cares for children
Clinical Nurse Specialist Provides patient care in settings such as, physician offices, surgicenters, and medical office buildings. Responsibilities include preparing patients for examinations, wound care, injections, and clerical duties
Certified Nurse Midwife Specializes in the care for patients/family diagnosed with cancer
Critical Care Nurse : Delivers patient care on board a helicopter or airplane
Medical Surgical Nurse Provides periodic care to patients within their home environment
Telemetry Nurse The practice of healthcare in older adults
Clinical Nurse Specialist ) provides care for critically ill patients in a highly technical and ongoing monitoring environment
Operating Room Nurse Develops and supports age specific programs for a student body
Army Nurse Nursing in the Army
Nurse Practitioner Administers Anesthesia
Nurse Researcher A nurse who has advanced knowledge and competence in a particular area of nursing practice, such as in cardiology, oncology, or psychiatry.
Pediatric Nurse Negotiates and accepts temporary patient care assignments with a travel nurse agency/registry within the United States or internationally
School Nurse Provides care for a patient immediately before and during a surgical procedure
Geriatric Nurse Provides care for patients requiring special heart monitoring equipment
Occupational Health Nurse Responsible for staff development, program evaluation, in-services, New Graduate Nurse Orientation, staff competencies, Quality Improvement Assessment/Plan Development, and assessment/evaluation of regulatory compliance.
Travel Nurse A registered nurse with special training for providing primary health care, including many tasks customarily performed by a physician.
Dialysis Nurse Specializes in the care of patients admitted with non-surgical and surgical conditions.
Home Health Nurse Contributes to the Science of Nursing
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist The clinical nurse specialist is a BRN certified RN who is an advanced practice nurse providing expert clinical practice, research, education, consultation and clinical leadership with an identified patient population. The scope of clinical nurse specialist practice includes patients, nursing personnel and organization systems. Clinical nurse specialists work in direct patient care and indirect patient care activities that affect a broad range of patients.
Air Force NurseT nurse who cares for pregnant women
Oncology Nurse Delivers Babies
Maternity Nurse . Provides care for patients with acute/chronic kidney (renal) failure.
Clinical Nurse Educator Provides direct care to employees

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