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Acute Renal Failure

Alice DeMonte

No description

dopamine rapid decline in renal function
reversible bolus of fluid
prerenal k, phosphate, mg
diamox functional unit of kidney
right kidney due to obstruction
aldactone xray
diuretic less than 400 cc urine output/day
KUB 125 cc/minute
glomerular filtration rate more than 400 cc urine output/day
abrupt loop diuretic
decreased Patient must be kept on strict
24 hour urine can be felt if you feel under ribcage
intrarenal inhibits the tubular reabsorption of Na
azotemia symptom free
proteinuria hemofiltration for unstable clients unable to tolerate HD(initals)
mannitol inhibits the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, acts on proximal tubules
lasix protein in urine
renal insufficiency with prompt intervention
oliguric normal is 0.5 - 1.2
Input output due to lack of blood flow, before kidney
renal impairment osmotic diuretic
BUN potasium sparing diuretic
creatinine 75% nephrons not functioning
fluid challenge increase in BUN
postrenal normal is 5-20
nephron na, calicum
cortex renal dose medication
CAVH damage due to overdose
diuril outer layer of kidney
increased no red meat 3 days before doing

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