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Alzheimer's Disease

Deborah Dixson teaching assignment

No description

alzheimers suspition, withdrawal, disinterest; ___ changes associated with alzheimer's
November national alzheimer's awareness month
neurons brain's nerve cells
diet tau protein makes insoluble twisted fibers that look like _______
protein well established risk factor for alzheimer's
tumbleweeds 50% of people over 85 have this
symptoms _(#)_ leading cause of death
genetics you can not cure it, you just manage the ____
hippocampus researchers are studying numbers 1,14, and 21 of these
walk memory loss, confusion about recent events, difficulty with words are ____
dementia sticky beta amyid praques are made of this
chromosomes loss of intellectual function
cure country where Dr. Alzheimer discovered the plaques and tangles in 1906
Germany cerebral cortex controls this
personality what everyone should do for 30 minutes each day
disease Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne and Namenda are these
future alzheimer's is a ______
language there is no _____ for this disease
sixth where your short term memory is
crosswordpuzzle do this mental activity to slow the loss of brain cells
warningsigns eat a healthy _____
medications when you are diagnosed you should plan for the ____

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