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Digestive Pharmacology

Janet Eckermann, RN

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Reglan A common side effect of this classification is a dry mouth!
Bulk forming Agents When treating nausea, it is best to give an antiemetic _____ the onset of nausea.
AquaMephyton Example of a bulk forming laxative.
Bentyl Relieves intestinal spasms in the treatment of IBS
Fluid Intake Example of a proton pump inhibitor used to treat ulcers.
Priolosec This type of laxative swells up and adds to the contents of the intestines.
Peristalsis The generic name for Colace.
Cytotec Antacids are sometimes used in the treatment of this...
Docusate Sodium Example of a stool softener.
Diarrhea A cation exhange resin used to treat hyperkalemia.
Lomotil Given to effectively treat diarrhea!
Zanac An example of an H2 histamine receptor antagonist.
Anticholinergics Required in adequate amts to insure the effectiveness of this classification..
Compazine Side effects of long term use of these drugs include psychotic behaviors adn stomach ulcers.
PUD The only drug in the US approved for use in prevention of gastric ulcers caused by NSAIDS is...
Colace The preferred medical treatment of active Crohn's disease with small intestinal involvement.
GoLytely Imodium, Lomotil and Kaopectate are used in the treatment of this....
Kayexalate H2 histamine __________ are used for the treatment of Ulcers.
Lactulose Increases stomach and intestinal peristalsis therefore relieving reflux espophagitis.
Cyanocobalamin Paregoric is used to treat diarrhea by inhibiting this.....
Corticosteroids Classified as an antiemetic.
Steroids Given IM for the purpose of replacing B12 which is absent due to the lack of "instrinsic factor".
BEFORE When teaching your patient about this drug, it is best to advise the patient to remain close to a bathroom!
antagonists This laxative is used in the treatment of encephalopathy.
Bulk Forming Reduces the risk of hemorrhage in Cirrhosis of the Liver.
Metamucil A classification of medications commonly used to treat IBS.

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