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EKG Interpretation

Andrea Heimer

No description

Ventricular tachycardia Narrow QRS complex, P waves absent or inverted, rate 60-100
Ventricular fibrillation Heart rate increases with inspiration and decreaseswith expiration
Atrial fibrillation Heart rate 40-60, P waves absent or inverted, QRS narrow
Third degree block A premature wide and bizarrely shaped QRS complex
Idioventricular Hallmark sign of this rhythm is saw tooth waves
Asystole Atria and ventricles do not communicate and initiate impulses separately
Sinus tachycardia PR interval lengthens each cycle until a QRS complex is dropped
Wenckebach Chaotic unorganized lethal rhythm originating n the ventricles
WAP Slightly irregular rhythm, three different P waves in six seconds, rate 60-100
Atrial flutter Three or more ventricular escape beats in a row at a rate of 20-40
First-degree heart block Premature beat with an absent or inverted P wave
Torsades de pointe This supraventricular rhythm is irregularly irregular
Sinus arrhythmia Heart rate increases with pain, fever, hypovolemia
Junctional escape Life threatening wide complex tachycardia
PJC Rhythm occurs in well-conditioned athletes
Sinus bradycardia Tachycardia originating in the ventricles that twists along the baseline
PVC Absence of all electrical activity
Accelerated junctional Consistent prolonged PR intervals across an entire strip

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