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Janet Eckermann, RN

Everything Endocrine!

SMBG Teaching the importance of exercise to a Type 2 diabetic, you explain that exercise does what?
low sodium A long term complication of diabetes mellitus
Propylthiouracil Congenital hypothyroidism is called this.
Polyuria This is an oral hypoglycemic agent that helps to control diabetes.
Renal Failure This symptom indicates hyperglycemia in a newly diagnosed diabetic
Glucagon Addison's is caused by...
Glycosylated hemoglobin The trade name for the hormone secreted by the adrenal medualla is...
Adrenalin After removal of the posterior pituitary, the pt must take this medication.
T3 T4 TSH These are the signs and symptoms to look for in diabetic screening
Reduces blood glucose levels A symptom of Graves disease is this....
Humalog The most likely diet recommended for the pt with Addison's
Negetive Feedback System This medication is administered after a severe insulin reaction.
ADH This drug is given 10-14 days before a thyroidectomy
tracheostomy tray This is an example of an intermediate acting insulin.
Cretinism The parathyroid hormone regulates this....
Polyuria A patient diagnosed with diabetes insipidus has a deficiency of this.
NPH Steroids are NOT given to patients with these.
Hypofunction of the adrenal cortex A synthetic form of ADH
Myxedema This human insulin has an onset of action of 15 minutes.
Glucotrol To prepare for post op complications related to thyroidectomy, this item should be at the bedside...
Polyuria Polydipsia Polyphagia This will reduce or eliminate symptoms of hypoglycemia
Intolerance to cold Hormones are released into the system by this method
Sedatives This drug decreases the activity of an overproductive thyroid
High Fever A subjective symptom of myxedema is this....
Blood Calcium To treat acromegaly the pt. undergoes transsphenoidal hypophysectomy. Post operatively, where is the best place to assess for bleeding?
Transplants When to draw a postprandial blood glucose...
Pitressin A pt with a thyroid deficiency is susceptible to respiratory depression from these....
Lugols solution What a newly diagnosed diabetic uses to furnish valuable immediate feedback on glucose levels
2 hours after meal The tests to diagnose Graves disease are....
exopthalmos This sign most indicates that the postop thyroidectomy pt is developing thyroid disease.
Pitressin This laboratory test result is most important to monitor when determining how effectively the patient's diabetes is being managed over a long period of time....
Nose Synthroid is used to treat this.
Complex Carbohydrates The sign most sugegestive that the patient with Type 2 diabetes is developing hyperosmolar hyperglycemic syndrome (HHNS)

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