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NURSING HISTORY- Florence Nightingale


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ninety 1887 Nurses must daily _____________ their ward
bringingincoal Florence's work inspired Jean Henri Dunant to found _____
FlorenceItaly How old was Florence when she died
filllamps Florence was called "The Lady______________"
marry 1887 Nurses must not frequent ___________
RedCross 1887 Nurses would care for __________ patients
sweepandmop Florence was known to keep a ___________ in her pocket
petbabyowl Florence wrote "Notes on Hospitals" explaining how to
profession 1887 Nurses would maintain an even temperature in your ward by_________
Hampshire Florence's high standards helped transform nursing into a respectable_______
improvehospitals Florence is buried in East Wellow____________
London Where was Florence Nightingale born
hygiene Florence never did ___________
dancehalls Where did Florence set up her Training School for Nurses
fifty 1887 Nurses would _____________ to keep the ward well lit
withthelamp Florence insisted on adequate lighting, diet and _________

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