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Don't Be Afraid Of The Big Bad JCAHO

Evelyn Deperna and Tabitha Hulett

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readback Emergency medications need to be
secure All critical test results need to be
oneside Two patient identifiers are name and
abduction Do not place soiled linen here
Time All entries in the medical record must have the date, initials and
handhygiene Medication and Breast milk should be ( ) at regular intervals
drug Code Pink is an infant or child
nofood Should be placed in the med or breast milk refrigerators
IDnumber Do this to all medications upon admission, discharge or transfer
RACE HIPPA stands for Health Information Portability and
sixtyminutes There should be no ( ) of patient privacy observed
reconciliation labeling meds and performing time outs are part of ( )
floor Equiptment stopred in the hallway can only be on
breech Assessment of this is ongoing per policy
DOB There should be no outdated ( ) in the nursery
supplies Report all of these results to credentialed practicioners
namebadge All staff need to waer a visible
critical Document this part of pain management
breeches All orders need to be signed with the perscribers
effectiveness need to be logged into the book
accountabilityact How to hand off your assignment
squeeze Appropriate ones need to be observed at all times
Timeout PASS stands for pull, aim, ,and spray
pain label all med syringes with the dose, date, and
patientsafety Food and drinks should be in these areas only
abbreviations Label all of these on your sterile field
medications An open chart left in view ia a ( ) of the HIPPA protocal
CodeWhite This step is important for every proceedure
SBAR in case of fire
cleaned An obstetrical emergency
designated How long you should wait before you document pain managementresults
narcotics Do not use ones on the unacceptable list

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