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Medical Terminology

Joanna Rodriguez

A List of Medical Terms

hyperplasia no known allergies
leukoplakia pertaining to the ileum and cecum
hypercholesteremia excision of the posterior arch of a vertebra
IVP irrigation or washing out of an organ such as the stomach or bowel
lymphadenopathy enlargement of the liver and spleen
nasopharynx pertaining to the neurology or the nervouse system
laminectomy excessiva amt of cholestrol in blood
lymph unable to control excretory functions
infarction pertaining to or compromising the skeleton and the muscles
neurologic formation of white spots or patches on the mucous membrane of the tongue or cheek
NKA roentgenography of the mammary gland
lavage elevated concentration of any or all of the lipids in the plasma
metaplasia pertaining to the myocardium
myocardial pertaining to loins
ileocecal the change in the type of adult cells in a tissue to a form that is not normal for the tissue
musculoskeletal disease of the lymph nodes
mammography formation of an area of coagulation necroses in a tissue caused by local ischemia
intercostal a mucous membrane
mucosa abnormal multiplication or increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in a tissue
lumbar the part of the pharynx that lies above the level of the soft plate
hyperlipidemia a transparent slightly yellow liquid of alkaline reaction, found in the lymphatic vessel and derived for the tissue fluid
ischemia situated between the ribs
labile local and temporary deficiency of blood supply caused by obstruction of the blood flow to the part
hepatosplenomegaly gliding
incontinency Intravenous pyelogram

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