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Nursing Meds

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EPIDURAL ANESTHESIA COMPLICATIONS::::toxic reactions excessive amouth of the drug accidental injection spinal head aches
SPINAL BLOCK Class:cns agaent analgesic narcotic Dose: Im 1-4 mg Q3-4 Hours Iv 0.5-2 MG Q6-8 Hrs Inrnanasal 1MG repeat Q 90 Secs Effects Sedation
DEMEROL class anthistmaine annemitic sedative hypottic DOSE:25-5- Mg Q 6hrs PO/IM/IV Effects Drowsines sedation dry mouth bp is down nausea comitting
BENADRYL Disadvantages::::::::;Maternal hypotension down bp:::Postural punture seizures
SPINAL ANESTHESIA Class:Narcotic,Analgesic dose 10-20mg q3-6 hrs prn sc/Im/Iv Effects
EPIDURAL Class cns agent narcotic DOSE IV 2.5-15mg Q4Hrs IM/SC 5-2- MG Q4Hrs
STADOL CLASS antihistamine sedative antiemetic DOSE 25-1-- MG PO/IM Q 6 HRS
NUBAIN Disadvantages:::::::hIGH iNCIDENCE OF HYPTOENSION::::Greater potential for fetal hypoxia::::Short acting
EPIDURAL Class Cns Agent narcotic DOSE 50-100 mg IM/SC q 3-4 Hrs Effects nausea comitting itching sedation resp depression dizziness
PHENERGAN CLASS GI AGENT antiemetic DOSE 25-5- Mg Q 3-4 Hrs PO/PR/IM/IV EFFECTS sedation drowsiness dry mouth blurred vision
MORPHINE ADVANTAGESproduces good analgesia ::woman is really awake during labor and birth:: continuous technique allowes diff blocking for each stage of labor
SPINAL BLOCK ADVANTAGES immediate onset of anesthesia relative easoe of administration smaller drug volume maternal compartionemtizion of the drug

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