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Diane Esola Rn BSN

This puzzle has words used in assessing pain and pain managment, myths about pain, as well as catagories of pain, meds., physiology of pain and words used in charting of pain. Good luck.

narcan insertion of a small needle into the skin at selected sites, oriental tech.
monomine gold standard
endorphins focusing the attention on something other than the pain
transdermal abbreviation for electrical unit used on the skin, has patches, blocks pain
acupressure patches changed every 72 hours
perception type of mesage that has continuous pressure on a point
sympathetic changing negative thought to positive ones
adjuvant suports joints and wrinke free sheets
reframing in CNS pathway thst selectively in hibits the transmission by sending a blocking signal back down the dorsal horn
age no ceiling affects
acupuncture morphine like chemicles
transduction state of heightened awareness and focused consentration
nubain drugs used to enhance an analgestics affects
modulation impulse traveling from a nonicepter to the spinal cord then to the thalmus and up the somatosensory cortex
positioning strengthens weak muscles
hypnosis cvauses vasoconstriction by using severe cold
tens one factor that may affect the pain experience
chronic opioid analgesic, that conteracts the itching and nausia
transmission pain viewed as a disease state, long term
humor antitussive, opioid analgesic
exercise laughter, releases endorphins
distraction nervous system, similar signs and symptoms as anxiety, inc in HR, inc. BP, inc. Resp.
opiates norepinephrine and seritonin
cryotherapy noxious stimulus triggers electrical activity in endings of the afferant nerve fibers
nurse an opioid antagonist
morphine sulfate the cornerstone of pain management
codeine conscious experience of discomfort

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