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Used to emphasize terms used for learnng the care of wounds

frank bleeding shallow crater of missing skin
bandage torn or irregular edges wound
abrasion tearing away of skin and underlying tissue
local infection surface layer of skin scraped away
purulent pus-like drainage
puncture injury to soft tissue/bruise
ulceration dressing used for healing wounds
transparent dressing surface of the skin or mucus membrane no longer intact
laceration fartherst away from body
cytotoxic liquid harmful to new tissue or growth
wet to dry added material to dressing usually gelatin, pectin
incision continued bleeding
dressing involving the entire body
hydrocolliod dressing holds dressing in place
maceration invovling a particular area usually skin or wound
systemic infection opening of underlying tissue with hard pointed object
distal clean separation of the skin
avulsion clear dresssing
open wound water logged appearance of a wound
contusion closest to body
proximal covers the wound

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